Telecommunication networks and services

Significant contracts HiTes CE in the area of telecommunicationnetworks and services

Construction of LTE infrastructure
Construction of FTTA/PTTA

Delivery and installation of aggregation routers and SDH systems

Roll Out Management SIGFOX project (IoT)
Construction of Sigfox base stations
Installation of rDSL technology
Installation and activation of collection modules and sensors
Installation of DSLAM systems
Construction and configuration of SDH/DWDM transmission network
Construction configuration of high-capacity MW network
Service support of high-capacity MW network

Expert support for surveillance systems Lucent Technologies for customers in the Czech Republic

Construction and configuration of PTN data aggregation nodes

Swap of 2G radio networks

Service support for MW radios for T-Mobile CZ

Construction of Olomouc optic metropolitan network
Provision of design and project management specialists
Implementation of technical solutions for customers of ProfiNet services
Configuration oftransmission networks
Logistics and warehousing services

Product support of Managed WiFi service for customers of OneNet services

Construction of UMTS

Construction of RAN infrastructure

Construction of xDSL infrastructure
Construction of backbone IP network
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